Wawa-Wee Peach Iced Tea

Wawa-Wee Peach Iced Tea

Nadia Khan


1-2 tsp loose leaf black tea (1 tea bag), depending on how strong you prefer it
3 cups filtered water
4 tbsp Wawa-Wee Organic Peach Syrup
fresh sliced peaches (optional)


Bring water to a boil and pour over tea leaves in a pot or tea maker. Do not steep longer than 5 minutes to prevent it from becoming bitter. Once brewed, remove tea bag or strain out loose leaf tea and transfer to a pitcher. Refrigerate to cool. Add Wawa-Wee Organic Peach Syrup and stir. If needed, add more syrup to taste. Serve tea over ice and fresh sliced peaches. Yields 3 servings.

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