A Sweet Way to Make a Difference

A Sweet Way to Make a Difference

Nadia Khan

What if we had a world where for-profit companies actively participated in making it a better place? A world where the well-being of society is just as important as the profit they make? 

Wawa-Wee is set up as a California Social Purpose Corporation (SPC). The SPC corporate structure was enacted by California to address the growing number of businesses that want to give back. Many entrepreneurs are stepping up to engage in socially responsible activities while still runningsuccessful businesses. 

For several years now, I have been supporting the non-profit GiveLight Foundation, which was started by my friend Dian Alyan to help the thousands of children who were orphaned in the wake of the devastating Southeast Asia tsunami of 2004. I imagined the loss, confusion, and heartache of all those boys and girls navigating the world alone, without the loving protection of their parents. I would remember them every time I embraced my own children. 

So when we came up with the idea of producing organic fruit syrups, aligning with GiveLight felt like a natural fit. Today, GiveLight supports over 800 orphans in 10 developing countries — providing them with shelter, wholesome meals, healthcare, and an education. For every bottle of Wawa-Wee Organic Fruit Syrup that is purchased, an orphaned child somewhere in the world will be fed.

We all make choices every day about where to spend our money. By choosing to support socially responsible companies like Wawa-Wee, not only will you be purchasing organic fruit syrups that are free of artificial flavors, chemicals, and preservatives, you will also be participating in making an orphaned child’s life a little sweeter.

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